Grasshoppers Kitchen is positioned in the centre of the hotel, with beautiful handmade ash tables, panelled walls, and variable lighting to create a welcoming and friendly hub for guests to relax and enjoy our food.

Breakfast is included in the room rate and at Grasshoppers we believe that the breakfast is an essential start to your day. Central to our belief is the procurement and quality of the breakfast ingredients and their authenticity.

Breakfast is served in The Kitchen from:

Monday to Friday: 7.00am to 9.30am
Saturday and Sunday: 8.00am to 10.30am

Grasshoppers provides high quality food and drink. The hotel food is sourced, where possible, from local producers and delicatessens, including eggs, bacon and a range of freshly baked breads. Yoghurts are offered with fresh fruits and we provide a small selection of exquisite cheeses and cold meats that vary on a daily basis. Porridge, native to Scotland, is available. There are kedgeree days and the menu will reflect important National and European days. Our breakfasts are a celebration of quality ingredients, prepared by staff who share a commitment to deliver the best available produce, to meet individual choice.

On arrival at Grasshoppers in Glasgow City Centre, guests are offered tea or coffee served with Grasshopper cakes and other daily treats. We want to make your arrival at Grasshoppers feel like you are arriving home.

Free tea and coffee is available in the Reception and in The Kitchen, as well as the Bedrooms.

Suppers at Grasshoppers are inspired by produce from some of Glasgow's best deli's, typically Roots and Fruits on Great Western Road and other specialist suppliers, of whom there are many in Glasgow. Suppers are served from 6.30pm-8.30pm on a daily basis Monday - Thursday inclusive and charged as an extra. Suppers are signed for at The Kitchen, to be paid on departure for your convenience.

Suppers are now available and we would recommend booking in advance of your stay.

Breakfasts and Supper can be eaten in The Kitchen, or taken, to your room if you prefer, the choice is yours.

In both its content and presentation in the stylish Kitchen, Grasshoppers food and drinks are wholesome, unfussy and as Scottish as possible, using the best, high quality local ingredients. For our guests, we seek to provide the best supper they can have served away from home.

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